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VANCOUVER, BC, JULY 12, 2012 – Fans of the award-winning comic book series and graphic novel CLOCKWORK GIRL will be treated to a sneak peek of the animated feature film tomorrow at Comic-Con in San Diego, California. 

The animated 2D film (soon to be 3D) was produced by Deboragh B. Gabler of Legacy Filmworks and Sean O’Reilly of Arcana Comics.  The sneak peek clip of the CLOCKWORK GIRL will be a highlight in Arcana Comic’s hour-long special projects presentation at Comic-Con and will feature never-before seen completed footage from the long-awaited film.  The graphic novel from Arcana Comics won the Moonbeam Award, as well as the Graphic Novel of the Year Award at Book Expo America by ForeWord magazine.    

The film stars a dream-team of voice talent including Alexa Vega (SPY KIDS), Jesse McCartney (ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS), Carrie-Anne Moss (THE MATRIX), Brad Garrett (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND), and Jeffrey Tambour (ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT).

CLOCKWORK GIRL tells the story of a robot girl, Tesla, and a monster boy, Huxley, in the timeless land of Haraway.  Together the two break into ancient fortresses to fight T-Bolt the King robot and Admiral Wells as they travel from the depths of the ocean to the skies above to solve the mystery of the evil that has stricken their world.  CLOCKWORK GIRL is a one-of-a-kind paranormal tale of steampunk science, breathless suspense, and riveting adventure.

CLOCKWORK GIRL is the first animated feature film for Luximation Films, a Legacy Filmworks and Arcana Comics partnership, and is scheduled to release internationally in 2012.  

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About Legacy Filmworks:

Legacy Filmworks Ltd. was founded in 1996 to develop quality films for the international marketplace.  Since then, the Vancouver-based production and distribution company has earned several prestigious awards, including four Emmys, a George F. Peabody Award and numerous film festival awards.  Legacy Filmworks recently produced DANCING NINJA starring David Hasselhoff and Lucas Grabeel.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, March 9th, 2011—Deboragh Gabler, President & CEO of Legacy Filmworks attended the 6th annual Women in Film Festival to present the Legacy Awards.

The festival showcases a line-up of short and feature films by established and emerging women filmmakers from around the world, including an Aboriginal Women Filmmakers shorts program. Films screened at the festival must have a woman in at least three key creative roles: a woman as Writer, Producer, Director, D.O.P., a woman as Lead Actor or a woman as Lead Animator/ Editor. Director of the festival Roslyn Muir says “We celebrate women filmmakers and offer them an opportunity for a professional screening of their art, networking opportunities and professional development.” The festival was to also commemorate International Womens Day on March 8th, 2011.

Every year Ms.Gabler presents a cash award for outstanding achievement in film, to the top three BC filmmaking teams. Ana Valine, the director of “How Eunice Got Her Baby” was awarded 1st place. Carolyn Combs came in 2nd place with her film “Small Currents” and Julia Hutchings was awarded 3rd place for her film “Irradiate”. “I was thrilled to have sponsored the WIFTV festival for its 6th year; the festival was a huge success and the films were a joy to watch”, said Ms. Gabler.

Legacy Filmworks has produced and distributed many critically-acclaimed and award-winning movies over the past fifteen years. With 60 credits in theatrical features, TV movies and series, the company has recently embarked on their first animated film, “The Clockwork Girl”, partnering with Canada’s largest graphic novel publisher, Arcana Studios, and starring the voices of Alexa Vega, Jesse McCartney and Carrie Anne Moss. Legacy is currently completing post-production on their latest action film, “True Justice”, starring Steven Seagal.




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