Accidental Witness, The     [Unavailable]

Cast: Natasha Gregson Wagner, Currie Graham, Aaron Pearl, Scott Hylands
 Deboragh Gabler
Kristoffer Tabori
 Michael Rhodes
Year: 2006

Attorney Christine Sternwald thought she had learned everything she needed to know about witnesses, evidence and criminals in her law-school days.  She is about to realize that her education did not prepare her for the real deal when a murderer believes that she witnessed his crime. Now, the killer is in hot pursuit and Christine's legal smarts cannot protect her.

All The Comforts     [Available as a stand alone TV pilot or for series development]

Cast: Robin Brule, Peter Oldring, Deborah Theaker, Mike Wilmot, Anna Mae Routledge
Deboragh Gabler, Paul Flaherty, Tom Nursall
Paul Flaherty, Tom Nursall
: TV sitcom pilot
Year: 2008

A soon-to-be retired couple want to sell their house and travel but can't get their grown kids to leave home.


Amber's Story     [Unavailable]

Cast: Elisabeth Rohm, Teryl Rother, Myron Natwick, Sophie Hough
 Deboragh Gabler
Keoni Waxman
 Richard Leder
 Biography, Crime, Drama
Year: 2006

This is the true story of the tragic abduction and murder of Amber Whison, whose devastated mother, Donna, makes it her mission to campaign for an early warning system in the case of child abductions.  That system, the Amber Alert, is finally adopted across teh country, saving dozens of children to date.

Bad Son, The     [Unavailable]

Cast: Catherine Dent, Tom McBeath, Ben Cotton
Producers: Deboragh Gabler
Director: Neill Fearnley
Writer: Richard Leder
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Year: 2007

The women in a Seattle serial killer's life often had an unpleasant way of turning up dead - from his girlfriend to his mother-in-law to his second wife. The police and FBI knew who the killer was, but were never prepared to face a bizarre twist in the case-that his own mother was an employee of the Seattle Police Department with access to confidential documents--and was a woman who didn't hesitate to interfere with justice...

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